Manager, Event Ticketing

This is a full-time, year-round role based in Concord, NC, managing our ticket sales. This hands-on role travels throughout the year, and especially during race season, to approximately 85 events (nights and/or weekends) a year.

* Maximize ticket sales using and not limited to these efforts:  complete comprehension of the ticketing system; partnering with Event Operations, Marketing, and Public Relations for pricing, promotions, press releases, etc.; creating, maintaining and updating the ticketing system for online and telephonic sales; communicating with our customers regarding tickets and upcoming events
* Partner with the ticketing software organization to ensure accuracy, timeliness and ease of sales.
* Serve internal and external customers by and not limited to: distributing tickets to patrons; addressing and resolving patron concerns or complaints; selling tickets to patrons in-person, online or over the phone; communicating with internal and event staff regarding upcoming events and/or ticket details; developing and distributing event and renewal communications
* Proactively develop and implement solutions to increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction and/or eliminate recurring concerns
* At events, these person will perform a number of critical roles, including: setting up, maintaining and breaking down ticketing equipment; determining event-day staff needs; locating, training and overseeing event ticket staff in partnership with track/event promoter; coordinate with Accounting on point-of-sale locations; address and resolve customer issues
* Other duties of this role include and will not be limited to: answering ticket related questions from internal and external customers; generating regular and accurate reports; reconciling ticket-related financials; ensuring adequate ticket supplies; troubleshooting technical issues related to ticketing and the ticketing software/hardware; and other duties as assigned.

The right candidate for this role will possess:
* 2-5 years of previous hands-on ticket sales experience; experience with programming of sales preferred
* Superior customer service skills
* Able to successfully juggle multiple high-priority projects
* Able and willing to learn ticketing system, primarily through self-led efforts
* Problem solving skills
* Able to maintain a calm demeanor in high-pressure situations
* Adaptable
* Able to use and perform basic troubleshooting on internet-based software and/or ticketing machines

***You must include salary requirements to be considered for this role***